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Marano (a small town in the center of the Grado and Marano lagoon) is another splendid community, the twin of Chioggia in terms of their flourishing fishing industry. The base is located only 300m from the historic centre on an island harbour which is joined to the mainland by 2 bridges, one for vehicles and one for pedestrians.

Marano and its ancient citadel are hidden in unspoilt countryside and surrounded by forests in the north of the lagoon. This town has always been a fishing community and its has managed to keep the local traditions, which are closely related to the sea-faring culture of Venice, alive.
Take your time to stroll through the natural reserve of Stella River and that of Valle Canal Novo, both of which are found in the Marano lagoon. Its natural ecosystme is unique in Europe which makes it a veritable oasis of flora and fauna.

River cruise Marano

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To see: Torre patriarchal of XVème Century, the Loggia building of XVème and Palazzo dei Provveditori (palate of XVème), the Church of Beata Vergine della Salute, the Civic center with its permanent archaeological exposure.

To taste: tagliatelli with tuna, cialzons (speciality of raviolis), the gubana and the pinze (softnesses), the Friuli wines.

To know: to 90 km of Venice (by road) to 60 km of Venice (by channels).

Most Important: Lagoon of Grado and Marano, Aquileia (not Venice and its islands)


Sail through a beautiful basin situated between the Friuli plan and the Adriatic Sea: the Marano lagoon. This is a hospitable land where the local tradtions are still linked to those of the sea-faring culture of Venice. If you navigate along the Veneta Coast, you will follow the "Chioggia-Trieste", an ancient waterway created by the 'Serenissima' when they were at their most powerful. From fishermen's huts to the great palaces of the Canal, from the greeness of the major estuaries occassionally hidden by reeds to the lazy coastline this classic navigation traverse an unpredicatble, dreamy landscape.

River cruise Marano


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Chioggia from Antonio on Vimeo.

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SSuggestions for cruises from Marano

One week

Marano, Aquileia, Grado, Bibione, Caorle, Precenico, Marano : 190 km - 4 locks (normally always open) - 2 movable bridges (normally always open) - 25 hours
One week one-way

Marano-Chioggia (via Cavallino or Portegrandi, Caposile, Musile, Cortellazzo, Caorle, Bibione, via Venice and the islands of the lagoon) : 140 km - 5 locks (normally always open) - 5 movable bridges - 17 hours

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New Concorde Fly 890 First

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