Rental houseboats without a license in France and Europe

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1 – Is it possible to rent bikes?

France Passion Plaisance offers you the possibility to rent a bike or more and to place them aboard your houseboat so that you can use them to enjoy the towpaths, explore the surrounding countryside and to help you with transporting your shopping. We recommend you pre-book your bikes directly with our sale department when you book your houseboat. There are three ranges of bikes:The basic range “the boat bicycles”, these are bike that can be ridden along the towpaths and used for shopping but are not suitable for hiking or longer trips.The VTC range, these are aluminium framed bikes with speeds suitable for road ridingThe junior range, these bikes allow your child to accompany on your excursions or give them something to do in the evenings.

2 – Can I bring my bike on board the houseboat?

As the bike rental proposed by France Passion Plaisance is an optional extra, you are of course entitled to bring your own bike with you for your trip on the houseboat.

3 – Where can we store the bikes on the boat?

On all our boats it is possible to store the bicycles on the bridge of the boat. Depending on the size of the houseboat, we will recommend an appropriate number of bikes.

4 – Can I ride on the towpath?

Obviously the waterways are often lined with towpaths which are excellent for bike riding. It is also an ideal way to explore the region and to pick up some supplies from the villages that you will find along the canals or rivers.