Rental houseboats without a license in France and Europe

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1 – Is the boat comfortable?

Whichever model of houseboat you choose, there is everything on board to make your stay a comfortable one. You will find a spacious lounge, comfortable bunks or double beds, heating, hot water, toilets and showers. As you can refill with water all along the canals and rivers you can always enjoy a nice, long, hot shower at anytime. On a houseboat the amount of space that you have will always be limited, however the lounge/dining area of the boat tends to be the largest room in the boat as this is the true heart of your holiday. The cabins are modest in size; however there is a lot of place for stowing your luggage and other possessions. You will also find a bathroom, with a toilet, sink and a shower, connected to almost every cabin. All our houseboats are also equipped with bedding: sheets, pillow and duvets. Therefore we hope you will feel at home on your houseboat.

2 – Are the houseboats heated?

All our boats are equipped with a heating system thus providing you with comfort in any climate.

3 – Is the houseboat equipped with linen, bedding, dishes etc? Are cleaning products, brooms and dustpans provided?

On board all our boats you will find crockery, cutlery and all the kitchen equipment required to cook for an intimate dinner or a large family meal on the deal. There is in every boat a stove, oven, refrigerator, sink, pots and pans, and an assortment of dishes which are sufficient for the maximum number of passengers expected on board the boat. Similarly you will find enough bedding (sheets, duvets, pillows) for the maximum number of passengers.

4 – Is there hot water on board?

Of course there is hot water on all our houseboats. While the engine is running it produces the hot water, therefore if you run out of hot water all you have to do is turn on the motor for a couple of hours to generate more hot water.

5 – Is there a 220V outlet on board and where can we find it?

Most boats are not equipped with 220V, however all our houseboats are equipped with a 12V cigarette light charger, so if you have a 12V charger you can recharge your mobile phone there. In relation to any equipment powered by 220V you can use them aboard if you rent a 12V-220V transformer. Otherwise you will find numerous power points along the canal that you are able to use. Also all our most recent house boats are equipped with generators.

6 – Can we lock the boat?

Yes, all our houseboats are equipped with locks which allow you to leave the boat to go exploring the surrounding countryside in peace, however, we do recommend that you should not leave your valuables in plain view.

7 – What is the capacity of the fridge?

The fridge capacity depends on the size of the houseboat that you have chosen and it ranges from 60 to 220litres. During summer we recommend that you do not overload the refrigerators in order to allow them to function better.

8 – What is the use of the bow thrusters present on some river boats?

The bow thruster is in fact a small propeller located at the front of the boat which allows for easier manoeuvring. It is used in spurts and at low speeds to facilitate the navigational manoeuvres such as entering a lock and docking the boat.