Rental houseboats without a license in France and Europe

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1 – Where can I park my car during my voyage?

The majority of our river bases have secure and/or cover parking available for a fee. Call the reservations department on 03 85 53 76 70 for the conditions specific to each base.

2 - Where can we go shopping?

You can go shopping in practically every village along the canal or river. If you check the map on the boat it will indicate where you can buy supplies and in which town you can find a grocer, bakery, fishery or butchery. Occasionally some lock keepers sell eggs, poultry, vegetables or wine, all at very reasonably prices. Try to stock up on the day of your departure as it is easier to transport the larger items that you may need while you have your car with you.

3 – I have a dog, am I able to take him with me on the boat?

Dogs and other pets are welcome aboard our fleet of houseboats. However, please ensure you have all the equipment necessary to look after your pet (including a cover and sleeping basket) as you will not find anything at the base or on board. Also, please remember to ensure your pet’s safety, especially when you are passing through the locks.

4 – How late can we arrive on the day of departure?

It is important to respect the timetables, which you can find on your booking. If you are delayed please warn your departure base.

5 – How long is the instruction on the departure day?

The instruction for the boat lasts about 45mintures and is suitable to your level of experience. This initiation provides you with the knowledge needed to operate your boat and all the river manoeuvres necessary for river navigation.

6 – Are there supermarkets near the bases?

There are supermarkets located near most of our bases which allows you to purchase the larger/heavier items at the bases and transport them to the boat in your car before boarding, hence making your life easier.

7 - Where can we fill up with water or refuel the boat?

There are numerous water supply points along the canals and they are all shown on the river map aboard the boat. The cost of fuel varies from less than a euro to several euros depending on the fuel price.

8 – What is the capacity of the water tank? Is there enough for the week? Is the water drinkable?

The capacity of the water tank on board the boat varies depending on the size of the boat. When you board the houseboat the tank is full and it generally takes about two days of autonomy to empty the tank in the case of a reasonable consumption. We advise you to refill everyday so that you never find yourself without water and because it takes less time to refill as the tank is not empty. The water from the water tanks is drinkable, but we recommend keeping the water for showers, cooking, dishwashing and cleaning.

9 – Is there enough fuel for my trip or do I need to refuel?

The boat’s tank is full when you depart and the quantity is sufficient for a classic cruise, that’s to say a river cruise of at least a week; however you need to refuel the boat before bringing it back to the base as you must return it with a full tank.