Rental houseboats without a license in France and Europe

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1 – Who should I go with?

A river cruise on a houseboat is a great way to spend some quality time with your beloved, or to get together as a family, you can even use it as a great way to spend some quality time with your friends. The kids will soon get used to life aboard the boat and are normally more than happy to try steering the boat! This is a great experience to share with those important to you.

2 – Will we all be able to get along in a small space?

A licence free houseboat is a great opportunity to enjoy the surrounding environment at a leisurely pace and is certainly not a place where you should shut yourself in your cabin! You can enjoy nice meals together in the lounge or out on the deck, or even on the canal banks. Inside the boat, relax in the lounge space or in the cabins.

3 – How many people can stay on the houseboat? Is it possible to be just two?

France Passion Plaisance offers a range of boats for a crew consisting of 2 to 12 people. The steering and manoeuvring of the boat can easily be carried out with just two people. And, depending on the region that you choose, your cruise of two can focus on all the romantic stops along the water’s edge making it the perfect trip for young and old lovers alike.

4 – How many people do we need to have to steer the boat?

Our houseboats are rented out to two people minimum (there must be at least one adult and one child over 16 years). As all the lock manoeuvres require one person to steer the boat and another to hold the boat in place you need at least two people capable of steering the boat and helping with the manoeuvres.

5 – Is it dangerous for young children?

All our boats are equipped with safety equipment including a double chain on the balcony railing and movement aboard is always easy due to the wide set decks protected by railing and the large and stable sun decks. However the aquatic environment always presents risks and as such we recommend that children wear life jackets. For toddlers you should consider arm floats as it is often easier for them to wear during the hot weather. In addition we offer a baby set to save you from the stress of trying to remember to bring everything you need

6 – Are pets allowed on board the houseboats?

Dogs and other pets are welcome aboard our fleet of houseboats. However, please ensure you have all the equipment necessary to look after your pet (including a cover and sleeping basket) as you will not find anything at the base or on board. Also, please remember to ensure your pet’s safety, especially when you are passing through the locks.

7 – Can anyone drive the boat?

When we instruct you on the day of departure we will issue you with a card that acts as a boat licence, it will appoint one of you as the captain and on the boat anyone can drive under the surveillance of the captain. Therefore this allows you to let your children have a go at steering the boat as well, as long as you are there to watch over what they do and help them in any manoeuvres.