Rental houseboats without a license in France and Europe

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1 – Is it possible to make a one way river cruise?

Of course it’s possible, if you look at our suggestions for cruises you will discover all our options relating to one way trips. Also if you do decide to make a one-way trip we provide additional services such as: Vehicle transfer (transporting your vehicle to your arrival base), or transfers by taxi. Please consult our sales team for more information at the time of booking.

2 – If I make a one way trip, how do I find my car?

If you wish to have your car transported to your arrival base we can organise the delivery of your car, which will be insured under the owner’s responsibility, and will be transported no earlier than the day after your departure and no later than the day before your arrival. All information about this service will be available from your starting point.

3 – Can I take or leave the boat where I want?

During your cruise you are free to dock your house boat where you wish as long as there is no prohibition against the mooring of houseboats at that location. However it is your responsibility to comply with your lease of the houseboat, therefore you much insure that your houseboat arrives at the place and time as originally stipulated in the booking.

4 – Is it possible to make a one-way trip in a mini-week?

There are some one way trips which are possible to make in a mini-week, for more information please contact our reservations centre on 03 85 53 76 70

5 – Is the return trip boring?

We often assume that the return trip will be boring and that a one-way trip would be preferable, however the one way trip has certain constraints such as: the obligation o cover the distance separating the two bases in a timely manner, you must pay an extra 100€ for the one way and there is also a cost for the transfer of your car or yourselves if you have ordered this additional option which costs 100€.On the other hand the return trip allows you more time to stroll around and explore the area. Also you will discover that the landscape is not the same when you view it from the opposite direction on the return trip.