Rental houseboats without a license in France and Europe

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1 – What is the best time to take my holiday?

Our rental boats without permits are seasonal from March to November.However, we cannot talk about a good or bad time for a river cruise or a houseboat holiday as each season has its strengths and its drawbacks. But no matter what season you choose the rivers and canals will always be interesting and exciting to discover.

2 – Which region should I choose?

With 38 bases in France, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy, France Passion Plaisance provides many diversified routes and areas to visit from a houseboat. The nature lovers may prefer Burgundy, with its multitude of landscapes along the canals of Burgundy, the Central and Nivernais canals. While those who enjoy holidaying in the South with the sun, will be thrilled by the wealth of suggested itineraries departing from along the Canal du Midi and Camargue. On the other hand if you are interested in local gastronomy, the cruises through the Lot Valley, Aquitaine or the Marne will introduce you to a wide range of new food. If you’re looking for historical discovery the cruises around Strasbourg in Alsace and Lorraine will show you a land with a tumultuous past. Further abroad you can explore the cities of Belgium, or even take a cruise through the ancient city of Venice… For more ideas for your cruise holiday you can visit our catalogue or look at out detailed itineraries. Our sales team is also always happy to help with any of your enquiries.

3 – Which river cruise should I choose?

The choices are endless. With our 38 bases in 6 countries France Passion Plaisance offers many different cruises. The first step is to decide which region you wish to explore, the second step is to decide how many days you wish to navigate (a weekend, mini-week, a week or more?) and whether you want a one-way cruise or a return trip. Once you’ve decided all that then choosing the right cruise for you will be a lot easier. However, whatever your choice is, all our cruises offer an amazing trip and allow you to enjoy seeing nature from a new angle while discovering many new and wondrous things.

4 – How long should I go for?

Whatever the duration of your holiday, there is a river cruise to suit your desires. We offer short stay for a weekend, or a short week, which allow you to discover the joys of boating holidays and life aboard a houseboat. You can also choose to go for a week and even longer if you wish as we have cruises for two to four weeks as well, so everyone can find the right cruise for them with France Passion Plaisance.

5 – Can I take or leave the boat wherever I want?

During your cruise you are free to dock your house boat wherever you want, as long as it isn’t prohibited to dock there. However it is your responsibility to comply with the terms of your lease of the house boat, therefore you much ensure that you return your houseboat to the place and at the time as stipulated on the original lease. This may either be the starting point in the case of a return cruise, or at the arrival base for a one-way cruise.