Rental houseboats without a license in France and Europe

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1 – Can we stop wherever we want?

Of course! One of the advantages of this mode of transport is that you can stop wherever you want (unless it is prohibited). In addition to the many ports built along the canals and navigable river where you may moor your boat, you can also moor anywhere in the countryside as long as it is not prohibited. After an enjoyable day of sailing, or during a ‘touristy’ break, you can moor at the dock of a marina or in the countryside on the banks of the canal by using the mooring poles that you have aboard and whose operation will be explained by the team at your departure base before departure.

2 – Do you have to pay to moor at a port?

You will find marinas throughout all the canals and navigable rivers of our regions, however some of them are free and others require a payment. The ports that provide electricity and water dockside often charge a fee for parking your boat there.

3 – Will I be able to find hotels near the waterways?

Most of the time you will find restaurants and hotels near the marina villages that line the canals. If you consult your river map on board your boat you will find more information about these services. It will also show you the different must-see tourist spots, the villages with supermarkets and grocers, and places where you can refill with water.This is another advantage of river tourism: you can lazily navigate the canals and find a place of serenity in a different way than usual, and then return to civilisation when you stop at a port or village.

4 – How do you moor in the countryside?

During your cruise you will undoubtedly be tempted to moor in the countryside to admire the landscape and profit from the peace and quiet. Your houseboat is completely equipped for this and you can do so by using the mooring pole as the team at the departure base showed you to during your instruction.