Rental houseboats without a license in France and Europe

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1 – Will I get board aboard a houseboat?

You won’t have time to get board on a river cruise as there is always so much to do. The excitement of shipboard life; the piloting, the crossing of locks and mooring your boat is always interesting. You can also enjoy many different walks while experience the peace and quiet that comes with the beauty of the environment around you. If you’re interested in a cultural trip, all the regions where we operate are filled with history and there are many exciting places to visit.

2 – Can I go swimming?

Swimming is often possible depending on your itinerary. Most of the lakes, rivers and canals allow swimming, so bring along your swimsuit and even if you don’t go swimming it will be useful for sunbathing on the deck! If you ask at your starting point they will be able to provide you with all the information relating to swimming along your chosen route.

3 – Is it possible to go fishing during the cruise?

Fishing regulations change for each country so if you wish to fish while on your cruise please call our reservation centre on 03 85 53 76 70 for more information on the fishing regulations along your chosen route.

4 – What can we visit along the way? Are there villages or museums close by?

River tourism does not mean you have to limit your trip to the canal or river bank. Often if you travel only a couple of hundred meters on foot or on your bike, or even by taxi, you can find many interesting sites such as medieval villages, Roman churches, famous tourist sites, or even excellent vineyards. The map on board will show which towns and villages are nearby and where you can refuel the boat. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information from our team on the day of your departure.

5 – Do you get to meet a lot of people while travelling on a houseboat?

A river cruise is often an excellent opportunity to meet people. When you cross a lock you often find yourself among other boaters and of course the lock keeper. This can be an excellent chance to discuss the route with people who are following or who have done the same course as you.However, you can also meet new people in the region where you are travelling. Often a simple smile and a chat is all you need to make new friends. Make the first move even if you do not speak the language very well and you will see the rewards.

6 – What can I do if the weather is bad?

The region that you have chosen will of course determine the weather throughout your holiday, but no matter what sort of weather you experience, life aboard a houseboat is always interesting. And even if it rains, well it’s now or never to enjoy the natural surroundings, and no matter what your itinerary is, there is always something to do or visit not far from the river or canal.

7 – Where is it possible to have fun? Are there festivals in the villages nearby etc?

When you reach your starting point our local team will provide you with all the information you need to discover the region and the must-see places. You will also find that there are many tourist brochures available which will help you plan your trip as well as informing you about any upcoming festivals or events in the region. The river map on board will provide valuable information about the restaurants, tours and supermarkets which are located nearby.

8 – Are there restaurants along the canal?

Often a famous tourist site is never far away from the canal, and you can also easily find hostels, restaurants and if you desire it, a hotel. The river map on the boat will provide you with information about all the sights in the area that you are visiting and you can also ask the lock keepers and locals about accommodation and restaurants as they can often provide the best advice. The best thing about houseboat holidays is discovering the local nature and environment from the river, and also enjoying a break on the shore for lunch, or eating dinner on the deck of the boat.